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The Law offices of Thomas C. Pacher, Attorney at Law, Inc., are dedicated to providing quality representation.  Our offices are located in Coupeville, on Whidbey Island, Washington.  We are a private law firm which provides service as the primary appointed counsel on criminal, dependency, mental health, drug court and any other related appointed cases in Island County.  

This site is not designed to be a guide on how to practice law. Rather, it is here to help inform you as to whether or not we may be able to help you, and whether you might wish to meet to discuss representation. Please keep in mind that you cannot hire this office through this website or by email. 

If you are in need of screening for indigent services (you are charged with a crime or in need of court-appointed counsel and cannot afford an attorney), you need to contact the screener for the county in which you are charged.  In Island County, the screener's number is 360.679.7326.

This website will grow as time allows, and as the need for additional information grows.

Please keep in mind that with the prospect of software crashes, email problems, viruses and other technology problems beyond my control, contacting me by email or via the Feedback page may result in delay in me hearing from you.  If you wish to discuss a case or legal matter with the office, you should contact us at the address and numbers below:


P.O. Box 337                                                                                                  Coupeville, WA 98239                                                                                       Phone: 360.678.5700                                   Fax:  360.678.5775.                Physical location of office: 502 N. Main Street, Coupeville. 

We are located just five blocks down the hill from the main highway, and across the street from the Island County Jail, and one block over from the Island County Law & Justice building.

This website and its contents are copyrighted 2007 by Tom Pacher.